An ecology of the subconscious

I am thinking about noticing. What I do or have done, or the slippages images imaginings that get subsumed until I pat the grasses down from around them and take a look.

I've been developing a process I call "unearthing" this year. It's a sort of journey, possible on one's own, helpful with a witness. It draws on authentic movement, butoh, dance practices using internal imagery, and embodied diggings into the subconscious. It usually takes around 45-50 minutes, and involves moving, speaking, telling the story of a journey through images that usually implicate the movers body in significant ways. I'm not sure what to do with these yet. So far they have formed practices for unearthing performance material, for moving blockages through the body, for alchemising external situations and relationships even without the real life participants there. However, when thinking about it today, I realised the practice is one of attention to the imagination and subconscious, which, alongside dream recording and automatic speaking is an ecological attendance to the subconscious. I know this is a trendy word to use at the moment, but I've been living with it for some years now, and to me it means how to live a sacred life - how to be lead, in other words; how to take responsibility through response-ability to the agencies around oneself, that make up oneself. How to acknowledge this - that we are extensions of material agency, not bringers of it - and how to live this.

Sometimes this involves 'performing belief' - doing site-specific work I practice believing that everything I think, do, make... is a thought from the place / rocks / rivers / trees / buildings that I'm engaged in, or indeed from the energies / spirits / pasts / futures embedded in those places also. This performance game opens new possibilities of perception, that otherwise our 'rational' mind would not allow us to entertain. So much stimuli we experience is not registered by our conscious mind, because it does not fit into already established categories of modes of knowing or beliefs/understandings about the world. 

Everything an act of translation / misunderstanding / metaphor)

Plants animals humans make leaps of faith in their processing of stimuli, a necessary way of gathering information, and carrying it from one context to another, instead of taking each new situation in each time, which would be almost impossible. Nature evolves through poetic leaps of imagination, through metaphor, through carrying across.

Unearthing, I carry things across through my imagination and movement; it must be such a tiny part of what is happening in my subconscious, but it feels like an act of lucid dreaming, of imaginative digging which is a practice of noticing, attending to or part-recovering the invisible. I want to make a piece of film with hardly any content, mainly gaps.

Guts gaps holes mishaps.

Digestion as a lens through which to consider / practice the conceptual. How do things gets digested?

The Unearthings ripple out in concentric circles; each ring triggers a layer of consciousness - personal, political, mythical, ancestral, geological, etc. Like a water ripple, or an atomic bomb.