Telekinesis [a performance write]

Me and Louise wrote through a performance. It was Julia's Telekensis score. It was performed in Ausland, Berlin. Me and Louise sat on the bed; the words came up on the wall. Here's what we wrote:


Gathering gut limp stages of mishap            every mush middling itself

    The connection is ambiguous     // technology


Collective high hi

It doesn’t belong to us- we can just edit each other[   [ deep inhale]


This is just one way of being here (a re-wound kind of gathering)

This is part of the spontaneous thing that can happen //

                        Breath buttering my belly and the upside of the space


What every beginning doesn’t have in common ///                But from the start i’ve just been feeling (how??)  

Two directions of beginning (infinite)

Listen wince collaborate with your inheritance

Go down with this ship? I can’t seem to edit words that weren’t written by us

Easy to halve the ocean background

What a wall starts with         ?     //  

What the revival of our   ???

What exhaustion starts with       ?

                   Echo of repeated earlier daytime gesture move when we were all here in an almost similar (different configuration)

We’re so bored of these one body invisible good thing we have many [ born with a smile oh their lips, strange

How the mouths move

In unison

Struck gurgle re-sending resound

Curious how this space is huh curiouser and curiouser

She gulped as the new world took her in and swallowed her whole-hearted slump of animal weed

I always follow the sound [too bad it’s so fallafel

This whole whole of a time the i’s work on presence in flames [she points at me? Shit i am implicated i thought i was invisible here]

                Filtering in (new blood) gush gush gush gush gush wumo wump wump wump wonna wonna gush gush gush step-in to help thank you yes finished already?


Do you want to know their inner worlds? I can’t decide if i do or not


Comfortable square silence liger-ments she is coming to write her sounds down

Stay just one more day

Because the past is still affecting them and I don’t want to rush forth out of this room ha

--- or into simple coincidences [simultaneous knees and hands already a minute ago]

We littered there and looked at the way my nails are satisfyingly fucked up - or are they not

Legs up the horizontal




Mdlman wumping- hoping hopping just a little


I am glad she’s with us here


Listen wince one once skin was touched

[relief] [regret] re[fitting another bit in]

Zipping up  

Zephing out with a ghost under the bed

The room -manners

Warmed by the breath bottled out pinged up from past hours

Earlobes flapping against my face hard and fast, soft and clear -

Shhhhh (thank you)

I’m back at you girl here i am again looking at you it was so nice yea yea yeay yea ye aye ayea ye ayee yea yea yea ye ayae  yaeh yeah yeah yeah yeah  hohohohohohohohohohohohhuhuuuhuuhuhuhuuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhhu


The extremeties know something huh crawl huh? (this whole time i’ve just been feeling  [insert emotion]] )



Or a thing is over

But zephing in the kitchen