E|merge at Earthdance

In February 2015 I was part of the collaborative residency E|merge, at Earthdance, Massachusetts USA.

The residency was made up of various groups of collaborations - those led by project directors, a "solo" pool of artists, and a collaborative pool with no pre-planned project. Mine was the latter; our explorations involved working out how to work it out... walking practice, somatic exploration of the senses, sounding, sound walking, exploring the place of Earthdance, exploring the snow - what it hid, revealed to us, - our individual and independent practices and how to make sense of their questions all together as a group. We produced a final piece of work, Snow Threads that was performed at Earthdance.


How do we respond to place – its elements, matter, density, lightness, weather, history and ancestry? How do we respond to each other, our bodies, gender and identities? What holds us together? What dissipates us? How does weaving ritual and shared journeys create and illuminate experiential practice? These are the questions we investigated collectively and individually, culminating in our performance.