I have been developing my site-specific research around a notion of 'place-thought' - that place is alive and thinking and humans derive their consciousness and agency from its thinking. This has formed the basis of my projects WISHBONE and ALMANAC. I'm currently researching a new piece that will be a durational happening, involving witchcraft, constellations work, choreography and conversation; here are some initial sketches from a recent winter residency at Cove Park, Scotland.


Previous collaborations with other practitioners on this site-specific practice include:

With The Trees. Research performance projection involving non-human actants (a London platanus tree in Brunswick Gardens) as instigator and participant in devising processes. We visited the tree every week over a period of months, exploring our durational attending to it. March - August 2015.

Site-specific research and development with Siobhán Ní Dhuinnín, in a marshland outside Cork, Ireland; supported by Sample Studios and Firkin Crane. September 2015.