I work across choreography, poetry, live art and healing practices, to honour the speaking earth, nonhuman and human ancestors in our contemporary cosmologies. Centering this nonhuman consciousness is an ethical and political imperative for queering notions of land ownership, ways of knowing and being together.

My research is concerned with excavating alternative paradigms to patriarchal and colonial epistemologies – through site-specific and land-based performance, divination, spiritual practices and systems constellations. I am particularly influenced by Native and First Nations (North American) methodologies and mythologies as sites of decolonial resistance. I work with land as primary collaborator, exploring relational, material-lead and sound-based methods for communicating with the nonhuman.

Work arising from these encounters is concerned with (re-)activating the perceptions and slippages opened up by such modes of knowing, in order to access (new)/ancient relationships between time, place, language, material bodies, symbol and gesture. Memory stored in human, non-human bodies, sound and the body of the land, are imagined as substances from which to remember possible futures.

For workshops, performances, projects and to be added to my mailing list you can email me at laura-burns@live.co.uk