I am an interdisciplinary performer, blending choreography, poetry and live art practices. I make work for different spaces - gardens, theatres, one-on-ones, site-specific and gallery based. Currently enrolled on an AHRC funded practice-based PhD at Goldsmiths University of my research questions how performance can invoke and respond to the agency of the material and non-human world. Work is often site-specific, exploring how orality opens up intuition in performance. I am concerned with multiple and diverse ways of knowing, and relationships between land, body and ancestral memory. I work with land as primary collaborator, exploring technologies of the sacred to invoke communication with the nonhuman. This ecological concern is a decolonial and feminist one, as the politics of "listening" carry historical trauma and absence; hence exploring divination as an artistic and political method is charged with the histories of those actions, and the echoes of silence, forgetting and violence on the bodies and communities who practiced them.


For workshops, performances and projects you can email me at laura-burns@live.co.uk