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Workshop iteration of ▲ at Chalton Gallery, amongst the work of Barbara Gamper. 2018

1. I arrived on the leg of an animal, on the back of its ridged muscle and flints of hair. I arrived too suddenly.

2. Undefined. I want to say you are the body of me. Without intrusion. Or I am the body of you.

3. What part of this would you like to see?


▲ is a collective meditative journey and performance around a character ▲ who is both human and stone. The text is ongoing, and part of an umbrella project telling un-telling an ancestral/mythic/speculative/re-membered journey into the core of a river stone. A first iteration of this format was developed in residency with Female Trouble, at Vulva Club #18, April 2018 and performed with Ruby Belasco New at Kule Theatre, Berlin. [Image Judy Landkammer].

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Portrait of ▲, pencil and ink on paper When ▲ Evacuates, stone and tissue paper. 2018