COVE | The Yard Theatre | 19th, 20th July 2017.



Cove - a collaboration with Shelley Etkin and Jonah Brody - emerged from a research and development phase, working with System Constellations - a group practice and therapeutic working model for family and extended systems. I am interested in working with constellations specifically when collaborating with place, and the nonhuman ancestors present in the memory of different sites. Here, the human and nonhuman share a language, and speak to one another through archetypal energies that emerge during the devising process. We worked in an old cement factory on the East German - Polish border, now the site of residency centre Betonest. Rituals were carried out on site, which were not for public viewing or sharing. The performance that emerged out of this time is an ongoing artistic research question around working with constellations as a choreographic process for bringing ritual into the contemporary theatre space.